Cookie Policy

Ecom Cookie Policy

1. General

Ecom (hereinafter “Ecom”, “we”) uses cookies primarily to enhance your browsing experience on and and and (hereinafter the “Website”) and Ecom’s online CRM, billing (hereinafter the “Platform”), whether or not via the mobile application (hereinafter the “App”).

All data extracted by Ecom from its cookies are anonymous and are only used to understand the customer experience on the Website and the Platform with the aim of improving the performance and usability of this Website and the Platform.

Ecom has the right to update this cookie policy by placing a new version on the Website. In this context, you are strongly advised to consult the Website and the relevant page on which the cookie policy is displayed regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

2. What is a Cookie?

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, a web cookie or a browser cookie, is usually a small text file sent from a website and stored in the web browser or on the user’s device while a user is browsing a website or using a mobile application. If the user browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website in order to inform the website of the user’s previous activity. Cookies are designed as a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the status of the website or the activity that the user has undertaken in the past.

They help us to optimise your visit to the Website and the Platform, to remember technical choices (e.g. choice of language, newsletter, etc.) and to display more relevant services and offers. If you wish to consult or use the Website and the Platform, Ecom advises you to enable cookies. However, if you prefer not to do so, you are always free not to enable them.

Cookies may include: clicking on certain buttons, logging in or recording the pages visited by the user, even months or years ago. While cookies cannot contain viruses or install malware on the guest computer, tracking cookies and especially third-party tracking cookies are often used as ways to compile long-term data from individuals’ browsing history – a major privacy concern that prompted European and U.S. lawmakers to take action in 2011. This cookie statement is in accordance with the current Belgian law (Law of 10/07/2012 laying down provisions regarding electronic communications, BS 20/9/2012).

This Website / Platform uses different types of cookies:

– Strictly necessary cookies: As their name suggests, these cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to browse the Website or use the Platform or to provide certain functions that you have requested.

– Functionality cookies: These cookies improve the functionality of the Website and the Platform by storing your preferences. For example, you can set your profile on the homepage.

– Tracking cookies: These cookies will survive user sessions. If the Max-Age of a persistent cookie is set to 1 year, then within that year the initial value contained in that cookie will be sent back to the server each time the user visits the server. This is done to store essential information, such as how the user initially came to the Website or Platform. For this reason, they are also called tracking cookies. For example, once you have chosen your preferred language, the Website / Platform will record your preference in a permanent cookie and store it on your browser. When you subsequently visit the Website or Platform again, the Website or Platform will use that persistent cookie to ensure that the content is delivered in the language you prefer.

– Performance cookies: These cookies help to improve the performance of the Website and Platform in order to provide a better user experience. Ecom uses Google Analytics, a popular web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help Ecom analyse how users use the Website / Platform. It records the number of visitors and tells Ecom things about their overall behaviour – such as the typical duration of a visit to the Website or the number of pages a user views on average.

– Third party cookies: In order to support its communications, Ecom has embedded its content in social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as making use of the sharing possibilities on social networks. The channels Ecom uses may contain cookies from these websites and Ecom does not monitor these. You should consult the relevant website of these third parties for more information.