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Save time and money with Ecom. The all-in-one billing app. Create quotes in your house style, send invoices with one click and get paid faster by your customers. With Ecom, you gain financial control and insight into the growth of your business.


Professional CRM License

The ultimate administration solution for your entire company.

€ 29,75 / month

Instant insight into the most important things at a glance. How many quotes have you sent? How many invoices are still unpaid? What are your company’s current turnover and expenses?

Manage all your contacts through one online database that is easily accessible for you and your colleagues. Add customer information quickly and automatically and save time by eliminating the need to enter information manually.

Create and manage all your articles and services so you can quickly turn a quotation into an invoice without having to enter everything manually every time.

In just a few clicks you can create, send and edit quotations. Choose your own corporate identity to give your customer a professional impression.

Offer accepted? That’s it! In no time at all you turn your quote into an invoice and with a click of the mouse you send it to your customers. Save time and get paid faster for your services and products.

Make sure your customers pay on time. Send automatic reminders to late payers. Cash, bank machine, Visa, Mastercard or through your webshop. 

Keep track of all your company’s expenses. Wages, transportation, marketing, bank fees, personal expenses, materials, and more. 

Keep track of all your business tasks including deadlines. Maintain a clear overview in your daily task planning.

Easily schedule all your appointments. Keep a clear overview in your appointment scheduling.

Set up call lists, so you never forget to call a customer back in time.

Profit or loss? How much VAT to pay? What is your monthly, quarterly and annual turnover? Which expenses are the highest? Statistics give you financial control over your company.

Make a professional impression on your customers with quotations and invoices in the style of your company. Choose from our different templates or create a new one yourself.

Ecom is primarily a web application for Windows and Mac. Are you often on the road? Then use our free mobile application that synchronizes in real time with your account. For iOS and Android.

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From small self-employed to medium-sized enterprises

Ecom’s versatility ensures that the platform can be used in many sectors and for companies of all sizes.

  • Construction, installation and maintenance companies
  • Design agencies and freelancers
  • Architects, consultants and consultancy firms
  • SMEs in all sectors

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